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We say endured that this job does not have no foolishly ambitious of being goodness knows that what, is only a game accidentally begun with the boys of two classes of the Professional Institute Be them "F.Bottazzi" of Casarano, with the topic of the search of the own roots, than but with passing of the time has become one wants phrenetic of going to search things that, the same boys did not even know could have existed.

I do not hide not even my surprise when, in reading proverbs, stornelli and other, than, even if from always and in my small, I have tried to remember, I have uncovered many other new things (old) that I was beautiful lunge imagining their existence.

Hour this "job" called exactly "search-contribution" wants to be a beginning, donated to who it has wants to contribute to widen it, even boys than an other school, before that all it goes before forgotten and that all comes buried from the frenzy of the new one.

I said that all it is been born for game, and was a game based on the discovery of just the territory and of the own roots and same himself, subsequently to the game it begins them have joined to other initiatives which the twinship between classes with passage of the "witness" to the end of the quinquennium and the construction of a "Furneddhru" in the areas of pertinence of the school.

Which personal consideration I want to say to have seen boys, that initially to snub the proposals which useless searches, to become to a sure point not only active part, but element hauled of the others, sign, not only, of a sure interpersonal maturation of relationships, but also and above all recuperate wants of relationship with the own grandfathers, depositaries of the "memory".

From this experience the boys have learned to understand are the comparison and to speak with their relatives, hoping that this is served also to understand that to speak with they servants mainly to speak with same himself and to understand who is and which hidden treasure we have in all. To understand the own potentialities and the necessity of an own history he characterizes them for being able to believe in same himself and in the necessity of just the role to carry out in terms he characterizes them and in the collectivity.

Which conclusion I want first of all to thank the boys and professors Giuseppe Coti and Ada Mercurio for the "patience" had and finally, but last the Preside Frank Fasano for not to have comprised that a school cannot be a fact to himself being, uncoupled from the daily paper and the territory, but also and above all a place where they come cultivates the boys to you to study before if same and their contours, then to understand that the school if isolated and dustcoat from the places it cannot form a boy without to know it, but to only model it to the needs of one hypothetical society, without construer the bases necessary to face " after ".

A famous technique on the reading of the text: the greater difficulty recorded in the classification of the proverbs has been that one of the concept of similitude's and the symbolism. It is intentional to give an order to all, but at the same time same, said compartmentation, it has been demonstrated enough relative, even if it can be one of the ways of to pigeonhole all. Other problem has been that one of not the understanding of some terms, deriving or from the bad interpretation of the "sounds" from part of the "binders", and therefore one bad transcription of the same ones, or from the fact that some terms have been completely forget to you and therefore to consider, at the moment irrecoverable, but a future contribution on theirs recuperate.

                                     Pino De Nuzzo


The main authors of the job                                         


APRUZZI Anna Chiara

BELLO Silvia

CAVALERA Rossella 



D'AQUINO Loredana


DE ICCO Sandra

DI SECLI Federica


FIAMMENI Francesca





MAURO Daniele

MELI Valentina

MINONNI Quintino

PAIANO Addolorata

PAPPADA' Antonella


PERONE Antonio

PESCE Nicoletta




SASSO Simona

TORINO Nazarena