How To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Visit

When one needs to make a big transaction, being thorough and knowing what they got is very important. It is the same if you are planning to get married in Bali and decide to rent a Uluwatu Wedding Venue. To ensure what you pick is the same as your plan and imagine, you got to make the most of the visit or tour. Read further on what you should do.

Venue Tour And Visit Agenda

1. Appointment With Clear Direction

Not many villas have enough time to allow potential renters to visit and tour the place. So, ensure you ask for an appointment beforehand. It is better rather than going without notice. With proper appointment and direction (address and access), high chance you got to see everything and get the most details about the rentals.

2. Make Notes Or Take Pictures

During the tour, a trustworthy place and management will allow you to make some notes. In this case, you can write down every detail including restrictions, available places, rooms, and facilities. But, you can also take pictures and video to capture all of the wedding venue information faster. It also provides a reference for your plan.

3. Get Everything They Give To You

The experienced worker and management will eventually give you a lot of details. If they do give you rate charts, menus, pamphlets, vendor details, and any kind of materials, file and take everything. The handouts, photos, notes, and details you got will eventually help you make a proper plan for the day.

4. Feel The Connection With The Staff

While you are going around with the person you are working with, try to feel the connection. In this case, feeling comfortable, trusted, and some warm fuzzies mean you got a good connection with them. Remember that you will work with them. If you hate them from the beginning, working further will only make everything difficult. 

5. Make The Plan Official

If you think everything is lined up, make the wedding venue rent official. Before it, you can consider whether you get emotionally attached to the place or not. If you do, switch yourself to business relations. Ask for every detail, negotiation, price range, and anything before you sign a contract. 

If you have time to visit Bali and make a tour of the venue, make sure you learn everything about it. Doing so does not require a lot of effort. You can start with an appointment and document everything. Ask time to make a decision or confirm everything at that moment. If you feel comfortable with the place and staff, continue with the official contract.

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